We take trees down – but here are 3 benefits to putting them in

Manning Tree and LandscapeThis may be hard to believe, but New England is now more forested than ever. Today, over 80 percent of New England is covered by thick woods. That’s quite a change from the mid 1800’s when only 30-40 percent of the countryside was forested after losing most of its trees to logging and farming by early settlers as well as firewood-cutting and charcoal-making.

Today, trees are back and are seen as a valuable resource, not only for more environmentally-friendly harvesting, but as much-admired assets on residential properties. Big, beautiful hardwoods are treasured for their lush canopies that shade lawns, decks, and patios while evergreens are used to create privacy and windbreaks. In short, trees add beauty and value to your property.

Of course, trees are living things — all trees eventually reach the end of their lives and need to be taken down. And while we’re best known for professional tree care and removal, we’re also champions for planting them.

Here are three benefits that come from planting trees:

  1. They maintain the ecosystem
    Trees help maintain water sources, improve climate, upgrade soil quality, and provide shelter for both animals and humans. They also offer various advantages such as providing shade, beautifying the landscape, stabilizing the environment, and preventing erosion.
  2. They provide natural barriers
    Planting trees along the boundaries of large fields and around buildings is useful because trees act as natural fences and windbreaks. The direction of wind and its speed can be altered by the presence of trees. Trees also act as barriers by absorbing the pounding effect of sleet, rain and hail and blocking harsh sunshine. This provides protection for people, buildings, and animals.
  3. They offer economic value
    Specific varieties of shrubs and trees provide economic value. However the species, condition, function and size matters. Large trees act as insulators – blocking the sun’s heat and winter’s cold winds. This can reduce the cost heating and cooling. Trees, of course, add beauty to property, helping maximize real estate values and home sale prices.

Need help with your trees? Whether it’s keeping them healthy and attractive, or safely and efficiently removing them, the tree experts at Manning Tree and Landscape are ready to help – drop us an email or give us a call today!