Tree Trimming

image of a truck and man in a crane trimming treeAfter a windy winter, many of the trees in our area have been damaged to some degree, requiring attention to ensure that the damage does not get worse and affected trees can remain healthy and grow properly. For many homeowners, the big question is “Should I handle tree trimming myself, or hire a professional?”

If you’re considering tree trimming, the short answer is “If you’re not sure what to do or where to start, call a professional.” Tree trimming professionals, such as the experts here at Manning Tree and Landscape, are experienced with the proper techniques that will:

  • Help your trees grow properly
  • Encourage fruit production
  • Remove hazardous branches
  • Prevent the spread of diseases
  • Improve your views

In addition to tree trimming, professionals such as Manning Tree and Landscape can support and protect older, larger trees with tree cabling, providing support for weak or compromised limbs while helping keep the tree crown intact.

Buying the proper tools for tree trimming and tree cabling can be a serious investment, and just because you have the right tools doesn’t mean you’ll be able to trim and nurture your trees like a pro. It can also be dangerous to deal with branches near power lines, over cars and roofs, and branches that are very thick and high off the ground.

As tree trimming specialists, we know how to handle the types and sizes of trees that grow in Central Massachusetts. Our team at Manning Tree and Landscape has the right equipment and training, backed by years of experience. For more information on proper tree trimming and a free estimate to have it done professionally, give us a call or email us.

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