Tree Cutting Service

Tree removal can be a technically-challenging operation depending on the size and location of the tree or trees to be removed. If you need a tree cutting service to handle tree removal for your home or business, talk to the tree cutting experts here at Manning Tree & Landscape, Boxborough, MA.

A tree cutting service can be hired for a number of reasons, including:

  • dead or hazardous tree removal for safety reasons and to protect your property
  • to improve and better manage your landscaping
  • to improve growing conditions for other trees and gardens
  • to avoid damage to neighboring properties

Tree removal allows in more sunlight and reduces competition for light, water, and other resources necessary for promoting good plant health and growth. And, of course, a tree cutting service is a good choice for tree removal and thinning to make way for new construction or to accommodate other changes in property use.

There may be times when the tree is already down and a tree cutting service is required to cut it up and haul it away; for example, after a wind storm or when a tree rots from the inside and unexpectedly topples from its own weight. The damage caused by fallen trees is typically covered under homeowners’ insurance, whether they fall on your property or your neighbor’s, but there are some factors to consider. Dead trees are considered a potential liability and should be removed by a tree cutting service before they fall, something that most insurance companies see as the homeowner’s responsibility. Not removing a dead tree could be considered negligence.

Although insurance companies will typically cover the damage caused by fallen live trees, it’s up to the homeowner to arrange for a tree cutting service to remove the tree or any leftover debris.

To learn more about tree removal and contracting with a reputable, cost-effective tree cutting service, give us a call or drop us an email here at Manning Tree and Landscape.

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