The Beauty of that Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is one of America’s greatest pastimes – and grilling is one of the biggest sources of socialization when it comes to backyard parties. However, it can be exhausting running back and forth between the house and grill when you need additional utensils, appliances, and food.

For all those reasons, an outdoor kitchen may be just what the doctor ordered.

An outdoor kitchen may seem like a luxury, but for those who spend much of their time entertaining in the backyard, it can be functional, practical, and efficient. An outdoor kitchen comes with all sorts of benefits, including:

Improved socializing

With an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about being away from your guests every time you need to wash food, run to the frig, or use the stove instead of the grill. Outdoor kitchens keep you in the conversation and the action — you won’t have to miss the punchline of a neighbor’s joke to grab some cheese for the hamburgers.

Enhanced landscape design

For those who love their backyards and love to plan, outdoor kitchen design can be great fun. Consider using the design elements in your outdoor kitchen that you may have wanted to use in your indoor kitchen, like a wood-fired oven. Manning Tree and Landscape can help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

The outdoor kitchen is designed specifically around entertaining while making good food. The design should be both functional and fun. That means if you’ve always wanted a bar, put one in – there are no walls to limit your imagination.

Keeping the outdoors outdoors

Running back and forth between your grill and the kitchen inside can bring smoke and bugs into your house. An outdoor kitchen will keep all of those things where they belong — outside.

Increased home appeal and value

Outdoor kitchens make wonderful additions to a backyard landscape for anyone who loves entertaining and outdoor fun. And if the time ever comes when you feel the need to sell your house, you’ll easily make the money back. With professional landscaping, a home’s value increases 14% during resale. With the addition of a beautiful outdoor kitchen, your home’s resale value will likely increase even more.

At Manning Tree and Landscape, our hardscape experts can design and build the ideal outdoor kitchen to fit your lifestyle and style of cooking. From built-in charcoal and gas grills to wood-fired ovens and even electric ranges and refrigerators, your outdoor kitchen design is limited only by your imagination. Drop us an email or give us a call today – your new outdoor kitchen is closer than you think.