Sod Lawn Installation

Sod Installation for Boxborough, MassachusettsSod is mature grass grown and installed in pre-treated soil strips that can be delivered rolled up or flat. Properly installed and maintained sod can take root and grow quickly under the right conditions, delivering an instant green lawn compared to traditional sown seed or even hydroseeding. Sod installation is the one method that instantly provides you with a green, mature lawn in the time it takes to install it. While it can cost considerably more than seeding or hydroseeding, rolls of pre-grown grass provide homeowners with instant gratification and a yard that goes from zero to growing, mature lawn instantly.

Assessing the value of an sod installation will help you determine if the cost is a worthy investment to establish your lawn. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a sod lawn installed by Manning Tree and Landscape:

Instant Lawn Sod installation turns a bare yard into a lush, green lawn as soon as it’s installed. A seeded lawn requires several weeks before the grass grows in. The area looks patchy as the grass first starts to grow. Many newly-developed properties require topsoil to be trucked in, which is often filled with weed seeds. As a result, a healthy crop of weeds sprouts at the same time as your grass and your lawn needs to mature before the weeds can be eliminated with chemical weedkillers. If you don’t have the patience to wait for a dense lawn grown from seed, sod is a faster alternative.

Less Irrigation Once installed, sod requires less maintenance than grass seed. Sod needs regular irrigation to keep it moist until it becomes firmly established, but the thick greenery of sod typically doesn’t dry out as fast as a less-lush, grass-seeded area. A seeded lawn sometimes needs four or more watering sessions per day to keep the ground moist, depending on the weather conditions. Sod usually only needs to be watered twice daily. The less frequent irrigation saves time, money, and water because the new mature grass needs less maintenance.

Faster Use Because a sod lawn is already mature, a sodded yard is ready for use faster than a seeded lawn. The young grass blades that emerge from seeds are delicate and susceptible to damage. Playing, entertaining, or simply walking on a new lawn may result in trampled or dead grass. Sod, on the other hand, has a head start in growth, with roots becoming established in just two to four weeks. Sod installation results in a yard that is generally ready for use sooner than a seeded lawn.

Soil Protection Grass seeds rest on top of the soil, leaving them susceptible to the wind. Until the seeds germinate and widespread grass growth is established, the soil is also more likely to blow away. Because sod is a thick mat of established grass, it covers the soil completely, keeping it in place. The covered soil also means you’ll carry less dirt and mud into the house when walking across the lawn.

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