So you think you can do it yourself?

Don’t try this at home!

Every homeowner likes to think he or she is handy in some way – maybe you’ve replaced a faucet, painted a room, even installed a dishwasher, or done myriad other projects around the house. How hard can it be to take down a tree or install a patio?

The short answer is “hard”.

There are countless stories of property owners injuring themselves or others attempting to remove a dead or an unwanted tree. Some people attempt it with inadequate equipment or inexperience in using the right equipment. Not everyone can handle a chainsaw or work safely high up in a tree to dismantle limbs and trunks correctly to avoid dropping them on a house or across power lines.

Safe tree trimming and removal more often than not requires trained, experienced arborists with the right cutting and safety equipment to keep themselves and others out of harm’s way while carefully dropping the tree exactly where it should go or correctly sectioning and lowering it so that it can be properly disposed of without harming people or property.

Likewise, launching into a patio installation or similar landscaping project without carefully considering and planning the labor and materials needed to do the job properly can result in much higher costs in terms of time and money. Never mind the damage and expense that can occur if you accidently cut an underground power or sewer line while digging a footing or doing some other excavation.

Most people don’t consider the hidden costs of do-it-yourself projects – the weekends, evenings, and holidays spent working on projects that seem to get more time-consuming and costly the deeper you get into them. That’s also time lost that could have been better spent with family and friends doing things you really like.

So if you’re looking at some landscaping projects this spring – whether it’s taking care of some out-of-control vegetation or installing a coveted hardscape feature such as a patio, fire-pit, or an aquascape — before you head to the big-box home improvement store and try to figure out what you’ll need, call a professional (that’s us!) and get a quote for having an expert to do it instead. You might be pleasantly surprised.