Bark Mulch Delivery

Pine Bark Mulch and Hemlock Delivery

Manning Tree & Landscape, Inc delivers wood chips, pine mulch and hemlock, with a 6 yard minimum. Please call to schedule delivery to Boxborough, Harvard, Stow, Maynard, Acton, Littleton and Westford. Manning Tree & Landscape recommends pine or hemlock organic mulch for your landscape’s flower gardens, vegetable plots, shrub beds and around trees. Mulch should be spread around plants to improve aesthetics, regulate soil temperature, and improve moisture retention. Organic mulches break down over time, adding to the nutrients to the soil.

Pine bark mulch

Pine Bark Mulch for  $37.50 per yard.

Pine bark muck is produced by shredding the bark of pine trees and is obtained from pine tree logs and from the screening of pine bark nuggets. Pine bark mulch reduces weeds which results in a higher nutrient value to the soil. This kind of mulch maintains its reddish brown color longer than other organic mulches, which usually turn grey in a year.

Hemlock Bark Mulch

Hemlock Mulch for $44.50 per yard.

Hemlock mulch is an organic wood mulch that is derived from finely shredding of hemlock wood. Hemlock has a red, orange, or burgundy color.

Black Mulch $41.50 per yard.

Woodchips flat rate $150 for 10 yards (delivered)

All Woodchips are 3/4 inches in size from trees we have taken down ourselves and run through our chipper.

Call to schedule mulch delivery to Boxborough, Concord, Harvard, Stow, Maynard, Acton, Littleton & Westford