Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation in Boxborough, MassachusettsNow that we’ve finally turned the corner on winter, spring’s warmer temperatures and gentle rains means it’s time to start thinking about lawn installation for new homes and for home-owners who saw their lawns take a hard hit from damaging winter weather.

Lawn installation throughout central Massachusetts can be tricky business because soil conditions, moisture, and nutrients can vary. To save time, money, and maintenance headaches in the long run, it’s always a good idea to hire a lawn care professional (such as Manning Tree and Landscape!) to help ensure that your lawn installation is done right the first time. Professional lawn installation will give your lawn the fighting chance it needs to establish itself and thrive in the unique growing conditions of central Massachusetts.

The lawn experts here at Manning Tree and Landscape are experienced with the kinds of grass that work well and how to plant and care for them properly for maximum root and blade growth. Our experts also know some lawn installation tips and techniques that can make a big difference. For example, to maximize water efficiency, it helps to minimize the lawn areas in your landscape plan and lawn installation. In particular avoid narrow strips of grass near sidewalks or fences – these strips are often near impossible to irrigate efficiently.

Proper ground and soil preparation will improve efficiency and greatly enhance your lawn installation. In fact, soil preparation is probably the most important and most ignored element of landscaping. Proper ground preparation for your lawn installation should include good drainage, smooth contours for even growth, and no high spots or ruts to hamper mower wheels and cause “scalping” that can burn your grass and even kill it.

Of course, good topsoil is critical for lawn installation, along with proper fertilization to ensure strong roots and healthy grass blades. Well drained fertile loam is the ideal soil for lawns. Sandy or gravelly soils dry out too quickly. Heavy clays are hard to work, and may become water logged and compacted. If your soil is unsuitable, you may need to add good topsoil, which can be improved by adding sand or organic matter, or both. Clay or silt and organic matter can be added if the topsoil is too light. To ensure that your lawn receives the right amount of moisture for good growth, it’s a good idea to consider installing an in-ground sprinkler system for consistent, reliable, and convenient watering.

As you can see, proper lawn installation is a complex interplay of various components – including the right grass blend, soil, fertilizer, and moisture. To learn more, contact the lawn installation experts here at Manning Tree and Landscape.