Quality Bark Mulch

Bark mulch can come in a wide variety of wood types, colors, and even textures. While it may surprise some people, bark mulch also comes in a variety of qualities. A low quality bark mulch can actually do more harm than good in your flower and shrub beds and around your trees. That’s why it’s important to understand what makes high quality bark mulch.

The worst mulch is made from ground up tree stumps, wood pallets, yard waste such as brush and branches, and even wooden demolition debris and other low-grade materials. Some mulch manufacturers will even dye or age these poor-quality, ground-up materials to mimic the cut and color of real bark mulch, so it’s critical to know your bark mulch supplier, what quality bark mulch they sell, and where they get their bark mulch from.

High quality bark mulch is made from large, thick-barked, softwood trees such as hemlock and pine and contains no low-quality fillers or by-products. High quality bark mulch is naturally resistant to insect pests and many funguses, helping it to stay attractive, last longer, and provide better protection for your valuable plants and landscaping. Quality bark mulch not only looks better, it even smells better, without the off-putting chemical or sour smell that some low-grade mulches can have.

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