R.O.I. of Landscape Design

R.O.I. of Landscape DesignA well-designed and maintained landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing, it increases the value of your property. However, landscape design is more in depth than just planting trees, shrubs & grass. To create a truly attractive, well-thought-out landscape requires the services of an experienced professional landscape company.

Professional landscape design offers knowledge throughout each phase of the project ranging from planning to the final execution. Professional landscape companies inherently know which species of plants, trees and grasses will thrive best in your yard, which will contribute to the longevity and further enhance your property with mature landscape in the years to come. Furthermore, professionals will come to the table with the understanding of the best combinations of trees, flowers & plants that will compliment one another. A major drawback to consider in attempting to undertake a project of this nature on your own is you run the risk of losing a great deal of money and time if the plant materials chosen are not well suited for the property and a very real potential of them not be planted correctly. There is a very real possibility that an event such as a single rainstorm could wash away weeks of hard work leaving you with a barren aftermath of repair and damages. That is why it’s crucial to hire a professional to handle your landscaping needs.

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Create a Little Lawn Envy

Lawn care in MassachusettsMany homeowners strive for the perfect lawn, but it takes a lot more than just mowing and trimming. Proper lawn care requires a dedicated effort that includes proper lawn installation, fertilization, pest control, and irrigation.

If you’ve just bought or built a new home that needs a lawn, there are several ways to get that grass growing. Of course, you can go the cheapest route and spread some grass seed around, fertilize and water it and hope for the best. The safest and most cost-efficient way to go, though, is to get some professional help.

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Hydroseeding to Sod — So Many Options

hydroseedingToday, modern lawncare provides the homeowner with a variety of ways to create a lush, green lawn. From carefully engineered, high quality seeds that can sprout into beautiful, drought-resistant grass; to hydroseeding for a fast, self-fertilized and mulched lawn solution; to sod installation, which provides a lush, instantaneous lawn. So many options…

Lawncare professionals prefer hydroseeding or sod installation over spreading plain grass seed as a fast, proven way to a new lawn or to repair a damaged one. But which one is right for you?


Hydroseeding does not require any hard, physical labor from you. The hydroseed mixture is sprayed onto bare ground and when it is kept damp and warm, hydroseed mixtures encourage growth and germination in much less time than hand-seeding a lawn. Hydroseeding is an economical alternative to sod and traditional seeding. It costs less, is just as effective, and results in a lawn that you can be proud of for years to come.

So what exactly is hydroseed? It’s a high quality mixture of seed, fertilizer, water, and Hydromulch (a wood/fiber mulch) that’s applied by sprayer over the soil in a one-step process. The soil is seeded, fertilized, watered and mulched all in one application.

Hydromulch, the green mat covering the newly seeded area, performs the following invaluable functions:

  • retains 10-15 times its weight in water keeping seeds moist, a key ingredient to a lush, healthy lawn.
  • provides a blanket of protection that keeps seeds safe from wind and runoff.
  • forms a near perfect microclimate for maximum germination, helps maintain soil temperature and protects young seeds from scorching sun.


Sod InstallationInstalling sod is the fastest and most efficient way to create a new lawn immediately. Sod is the mature lawn that is grown professionally and then transferred in large rolls or patches. Sod installation is the best option for repairing badly damaged lawns. The higher cost is well worth it for many property owners who don’t want to be bothered by the time and effort it takes to establish other types of lawns.

  • Less maintenance Sod lawns demand less maintenance after you first installation. Planting your lawn from start requires lots of observation for a whole year to ensure your lawn grows properly. A professional sod installer such as Manning Tree can provide you with a fully-mature lawn that has undergone the germination and growing process. The sod holds well on an incline even during rainy weather, while seeds might not.
  • Prevents erosion Since sod is mature when it’s installed, it instantly controls soil erosion. Sod, installed on hills and slopes, offers stabilization. A sod lawn immediately helps to filter dust and dirt from theenvironment and also removes mud.
  • Environmentally friendly Sod requires lesser post-planting watering compared to grass. This helps saves water, which is cheaper than watering seeded lawns. Furthermore, the absence of weeds requires less use of chemicals and herbicides in the environment.

Whether you choose hydroseeding or sod installation, a properly established and maintained lawn is a life-time investment, adding to the value of your property. It’s safe and enjoyable — even a benefit to the environment as the tightly inter-woven plants of a mature lawn clean the air by releasing oxygen as it uses carbon dioxide, traps particulate pollution and cleanses runoff water that helps restore our groundwater supplies.

Once established, a professionally-installed lawn is a beautiful, useful, and enjoyable investment you’ll be glad you made.