Start Your New Year with a New Landscape Design

New Landscape DesignSure, there’s snow on the ground and ice all around, but now’s a great time to begin planning a new landscape design to brighten your yard and enhance your outdoor living come spring.

Just because plants can go dormant in winter doesn’t mean people have to. In fact, certain landscaping projects are actually better suited to the off-months. To begin with, there’s planning. With the perspective that comes from time off from summer lawncare considerations, less outdoor activities, and fewer attention-grabbing maintenance chores, you can revisit existing designs and reconsider plant palettes. And with the bones of the garden exposed, you can easily see what’s out of balance and where you might want to add in structure or visual texture, whether in the form of plants or hardscaping, such as a meandering walkway, a hidden sitting area, a patio or firepit. Winter’s a great time to take a step back, look closely at your current landscaping, and visualize changes that can add more beauty and functionality.

Even though winter is the bleakest time of year, it can help you understand flow and the way your property spaces are laid out and connected. It’s easier to assess which sightlines to keep clear and which to screen out. For example, in one direction, you may want to borrow the view of a neighbor’s 200-year-old stone wall, but in another, there might be a tower or building that should be obscured at all times. With everything exposed, you can plan a more effective screening feature such as evergreens or attractive fencing that will block the view even in barest winter.

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