Landscape Construction in Boxborough, MA

Landscape Construction in Boxborough, MALandscape construction encompasses a wide variety of landscape design and installation work, including drainage projects, sod installation, hydro-seeding and more. If you’re looking for landscape construction in Boxborough, MA or any of the surrounding towns, Manning Tree & Landscape is the area’s leading landscape design and construction experts.

Landscape construction in Boxborough, MA really includes two broad categories: softscapes and hardscapes. Softscapes are just what they sound like – plants and organic materials such as mulches. The plants can includes everything from annuals and perennial flowers to shrubs, trees, and grass, along with the soil needed to support them. Landscape construction for softscape projects can include the design and installation of plant beds as well as landscape renovation and even master planning for large residences and estates.

Hardscape projects under landscape construction generally involve stonework such as brick or stone patios, fireplaces, and walls for outdoor living spaces, including kitchens, pool areas, and firepits.

The Boxborough, MA landscape construction experts at Manning Tree & Landscape are skilled professionals with an extensive knowledge of the right plants and materials to use that can withstand the harsh New England weather. They understand the ins and outs of landscape design and maintenance, proper irrigation, conservation, and other elements of high quality landscape construction.

With spring coming, many homeowners are looking for new plantings such as trees and shrubs to provide beauty, shade, and privacy to their property as well as new or improved living areas that enable homeowners  to enhance their lifestyle and add value. Boxborough, MA landscape construction company Manning Tree & Landscape can help you determine just the right mix of plants, materials, and landscape design and construction to turn your property into a showcase.