hyrdoseed grass

Hydroseed is a mixture of seed, mulch, and fertilizers that is typically sprayed from a tanker truck and is a common and proven method for quickly covering large areas of ground with fast-growing grass. The primary difference between the hydroseeding that is done today and what was done many years ago is what is put into the slurry. This slurry was originally just seed and water, today there are a variety of additives added to help the seeds grow properly. To ensure that you get an optimum blend of seed, fertilizers, mulch, and other compounds to help your grass grow fast, strong, and healthy you should hire a licensed, professional hydroseed landscaping company such as Acton, MA-based Manning Tree and Landscape.

There are many benefits to hydroseeding your lawn compared to traditional grass seeding and sod installation:

  • Hydroseeding is cost-effective, providing a consistent optimal blend that produces a beautiful lawn quickly
  • Hydroseeding is versatile. At Manning Tree and Landscape, we offer many different mixtures for different lawns and uses.
  • Hydroseeding is a great choice for erosion control. The mixture sticks to whatever surface it lands on and when mixed with mulch offers immediate erosion control.
  • The quality of hydroseeding is comparable to more costly options. Mixtures can include many different grass types, so you can choose the perfect combination for specific applications and lawn environments.

Today hydroseed has gained popularity because it provides faster and better results. It is also more cost-effective than traditional methods and works well to control soil erosion on slopes and high drainage areas. The hydroseed process starts with proper soil preparation. The soil is first tested to determine what nutrients it may be lacking. After soil testing and analysis, the existing vegetation and debris are removed from the soil to prepare the area for application.

The bright green color you often see in freshly hydroseeded areas is a dye that is included in the slurry to give instant feedback to the spreader to ensure even, consistent, and thorough coverage. The dye is a vital ingredient in the commercial hydroseed spraying process, helping the landscaper – and the homeowner — avoid the uneven, clumpy effect that can result from poorly-done broadcast seeding.

To learn more about hydroseed and to get an estimate for hydroseeding your lawn or other area needing grass coverage, contact the hydroseeding specialists here at Manning Tree and Landscape.