Exterior Stairs

exterior stairsExterior stairs are not just a way to get up and down, they’re an opportunity to create a unique, personal look for your landscaping. When combined with other hardscape elements such as retaining walls, walkways, and patios the opportunity for creative design are almost endless. That’s why if you’re considering adding stairs to your landscaping you should work with the hardscape design experts here at Manning Tree and Landscape in Acton, MA.

At Manning Tree and Landscape, we offer complete hardscape design and construction services including exterior stairs:

  • Stair design
  • Your choice of materials, including natural stone, pavers, textured & colored concrete, crushed stone, brick, and landscape timbers
  • Site preparation
  • Stairway construction
  • Safety and decorative stairway lighting

Properly constructed exterior stairs can add beauty, value, and safety to your overall landscaping. However, it’s important to have landscaping stairs designed and installed by experienced professionals to ensure maximum safety. For example, the number of stairs needed and the riser height need to be correctly calculated to create a safe, natural progression with stairs that are not too high or low and not too close together, causing awkward footing.

Likewise, it’s crucial that the materials chosen for exterior stairs are installed properly. Elements such as crushed stone, sand, and stone dust need to be leveled and compacted to avoid shifting. Bricks, stone, and other products used to create the surface must be level, even, aligned, and secured to avoid unevenness and protrusions that can cause tripping and other accidents. Finally, proper drainage is key for avoiding puddling and erosion.

Whether you’re considering a new feature, replacing an old one, or updating an existing installation, call the exterior stairs specialists – Manning Tree and Landscape. We’ve got some great ideas on how to make your exterior steps and other hardscape designs the envy of your neighborhood.

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