Drainage and Grading

Drainage and GradingGrading and drainage is one of those issues that most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. But improper drainage and grading throughout Massachusetts can cause big headaches that can end up costing big in terms of time and money.

Grading and drainage refers to the process of installing perimeter pipes and grading the soil around a home’s foundation. This is done to ensure that water will properly drain away from the house to prevent wet basements and crawl spaces. Proper grading and drainage is accomplished with a plastic or PVC perforated pipe, installed underground around the perimeter of your house. The perforations consist of thousands of tiny holes or slits that allow water to enter the pipe, and be drained away from the foundation of the home. The pipe is normally covered by a mesh permeable “sock” which helps to prevent soil from getting into the pipe. It is then covered by layers of gravel of graduated sizes (largest close to the pipe, followed by smaller gravel), and finally backfilled with soil. The gravel allows water to flow towards the drainage pipe, without allowing dirt and debris to clog it up.

However, sometimes drainage pipes can get clogged, so it’s important to know where yours are located in case you need a contractor to clean them out if they’re completely buried. However, perimeter pipes are increasingly being installed with clean-out ports that can be accessed and flushed by a professional without digging up the pipe. This, of course, will save a lot of time, effort, and money.

But the perimeter of your home is not the only place where drainage and grading can be an issue. You may have noticed pools of standing water and soggy areas around your property after a heavy rain or snow-melt. This could be the result of the area’s geology or just poor site development. In any case, the remedy is to hire a landscaping contractor with the experience and drainage and grading equipment to provide the proper grading and drainage that can effectively channel water away from these troublesome areas and turn what used to be a mushy, unusable part of your property into an area that can add beauty and value.

If you’d like to know more about effective, efficient drainage and grading, contact the grading and drainage specialists at Manning Tree and Landscaping.