A New Driveway: Beauty and Benefits

A New Driveway: Beauty and BenefitsA quality driveway adds considerable functionality and beauty to your property. In fact, even the most expensive and attractive home will be diminished by a poorly designed and installed driveway.

Although many people opt for traditional asphalt driveway, more and more homeowners are thinking outside the box and opting for a variety of highly-attractive alternatives such as cobblestones, brick, stone, and pavers. Even a regular asphalt driveway can be improved tremendously with an attractive paver or cobblestone edge or apron that acts as a stylish transition from the road to your property or your driveway to your garage.

So while asphalt driveways are a good cost-saving option and add longevity, enhancing it with an attractive alternate hard surface such as pavers will beautify it and add a unique touch to your property.

An additional benefit to using these paving alternatives is improved drainage – paver, brick, and stone surfaces are permeable and allow rain water and ice melt to run through, eliminating puddling, icing and summertime insect breeding pools where rainwater collects and stands after rainstorms.

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current one, don’t forget about the driveway – it’s an important feature that makes it safer and easier to access your property while making it more inviting and attractive. For unique and cost-efficient driveway design ideas and a free quote, contact the driveway installation experts at Manning Tree and Landscape.