Patio & Walkway Installation

Patio & Walkway Construction

Manning Tree and Landscape’s patio walkway designs can enhance any yard because we:

  • Determine the best walkway location based on the natural traffic flow in your yard
  • Avoid diminishing the overall look of your yard and reducing it visually by creating too many paths
  • Can enhance the look and feel of your patio walkway design with raised stone or brick planters
  • Can help minimize backyard maintenance by installing beautiful, functional, low-maintenance hardscapes such as patios, patio walkway designs, sitting areas, and other built features

Patio walkway designs serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Primarily, they connect the various spaces in your yard. For example, patio walkways can usher people from the outdoor dining patio, to the pool, vegetable garden or fire pit. If you have a large backyard and envision distinct outdoor living spaces within it, then you will likely need a patio walkway design that serves the purpose of connecting those spaces.

The landscape designers here at Manning Tree and Landscape prefer to place destinations such as a fire pit conversation area, or an intimate patio, with a beautiful view into the yard and lead people there with inviting patio walkway designs. Think of the walkways as passages or hallways that connect outdoor rooms. In this situation, paths should be functional and direct and the destination should be obvious. Such destination spots will get more use if the patio walkway designs clearly points visitors in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that patio walkway designs must be perfectly straight, gentle curves and variations are great for adding interest, but don’t overdo it.

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